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Explanation of symptoms

1. Swelling of some extent generally follows tooth extractions. It does not mean infection has set in providing there is no fever. After removal of impacted teeth or trimming of bone, swelling is quite often severe. Ice will help minimize swelling if used in the first 24 hours. Daily brushing and a clean mouth are essental to good healing. Swelling is most marked in the second and third days, then will begin to improve quite rapidly.

2. Stiffness of jaws often occurs and generally relaxes as swelling goes down. We encourage moderate chewing after the second day. This exercise will help symptoms to clear sooner. 

3. Black and blue marks on the face caused by bleeding internally into the cheeks and neck can occur. This appears first as swelling occurs. The color will change the second and third days to black and blue, then yellow. It will disappear in a week to ten days and should not cause concern. You may feel free to use a warm compress on the area if it feels comfortable.

4. If you should develop sever pain that medication does NOT relieve, fever, vomiting, or any type of allergic reaction, please contact us. 

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